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The 5 Best Types of Social Media Content For Roofing Contractors

The 5 Best Types of Social Media Content For Roofing Contractors


Social media is all the buzz right now for roofing companies. The so-called “experts” are raving about the gold rush that is taking place on social media right now for roofing contractors who are publishing lots of content.


“You need to be like the Nike of roofing contractors!”

“You need to think more like Steve Jobs and become the Apple of your town!”

“You need to publish content 50 times a day like Gary Vee!”


Is this true? Do you need to spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours on purchasing professional video equipment, hiring expensive graphic designers & video editors, and tirelessly recording every single move everyone in your company makes?


The simple answer– no.

But you do need to publish content. It’s just not as complicated as you may think.


And before we jump into what I promised you in my super-catchy headline, here are a few facts you should know about organic social media content (okay so the first one is a fact, the other two are purely my opinion but I believe they are true with very few exceptions!).


3 things you need to know before you start publishing content on social media


1. Organic reach for business pages has dropped dramatically over the last 5 years from about 16% visibility in 2014 on average to a whopping 5.5% at the end of 2019


This means that if 100 people like your business page, only about 5-6 people will see it. 

This may seem all doom and gloom, but I promise you it’s not. With the right strategy you CAN make social media work for you to get more roofing jobs!


2. Nobody cares about your roofing company until they need you (except the people already in it).


Come on, let’s be real here! How often do you search, follow, comment, like, and share content from a local flower shop, painting contractor, or interior designer?

My guess: NEVER!

See, people go to Facebook and Instagram to ESCAPE their reality and get a little temporary dopamine rush from some goofy cat video, a political outrage, or their grandson’s cute graduation picture. 


Most people don’t turn to social media to find a roofing contractor. Well, some do, but they usually post in community groups about that.


*PRO TIP: join as many local community groups as you can. Refer your fellow contractors, friends, and neighbors. Let people know you’re there!


So if you are deceived by the fallacy that simply posting tons of content on social media is going to dramatically scale your business and get you thousands of loyal followers who are not even in the market for a new roof…  

Please read the rest of this article for a more practical approach that will take less time & money, less stress, and less trying to think of funny catch-phrases to get people’s attention (because we all know roofers aren’t that funny 😉).


3. Marketing’s job is to shorten the sales cycle. In other words, your marketing should be focused on building TRUST.


Consistency is an important principle in marketing. The more I see you, the more I get to decide if I can trust you. People are always evaluating if you’re a threat to their time or a tool they can use to be more awesome or accomplish their goals (yes, humans are that selfish).


So it goes without saying that your social media marketing should emphasize positioning your roofing company as a tool and a resource for people to be more awesome, protect their families from roof leaks, save thousands of dollars on a new roof when their insurance might cover it, and upgrade their home so they feel safe, happy, and protected.


Think of social media as your “safety net” that catches potential customers from falling away when they are on the fence about which roofing contractor they should hire. Use your organic posts to build trust and move potential customers towards the next phase of the buying process.


Now, I’m going to show you exactly what type of social media content is really going to move the needle for your roofing company.


The 5 Best Types of Social Media Content For Roofers


1. Influencer Marketing



Let me explain.

It’s no secret that Facebook is hiding your business’s organic posts because they want you to spend money on ads. It’s also no secret that we see posts from our friends and family more than we do businesses. You see where I’m going with this?


The #1 thing every roofing company should be doing on social media is getting their current and past customers to share a post about them on social media. This will dramatically increase your brand’s awareness and build trust with your future customers. 


Here’s the coolest part… EVERYONE in your town is an influencer. If they have any neighbors or friends in the area, they are an influencer. That’s the beauty of owning a local business!


So here are a few tips you can use to make your influencer marketing awesome:

  • Make it easy for them! Don’t just ask them to share something about you. Write the post for them and ask them to make any changes they want to make it sound more like them.
  • Film a testimonial video, include photos and videos of the job, edit the video, and share it with them to post online. Use a quote from their testimonial for the caption.
  • Incentivize customers with a $10 Amazon gift card for sharing!
  • Incentivize your salespeople a $10 Amazon gift card for every testimonial video they get (yes, you should pay your salespeople MORE for doing this. DO NOT mandate it or require it of them… that’s not how you motivate your sales team)

The bottom line is this– the absolute best form of organic social media marketing for roofers is not even going to come from your own business pages. Let that sink in. Use local influencers as much as you possibly can and I promise you it will be your #1 source of organic social media leads.


2. Video Testimonials


Going back to the idea of social media being your safety net for customers who are on the fence; what do they really want to see? 


What’s holding them back? What is going to give them that warm and fuzzy feeling that everything is going to be alright when they hire you as their roofing contractor?

They want to know they are not alone.


Think of how you start your sales pitch when you knock doors: 

“We’re in the neighborhood working with some of your neighbors…”

Why do you start this way? 


To build familiarity. To let them know there are others like them with the same problem. To let them know they are not your guinea pig.

You can use these videos to reinforce that! In fact, when they go visit your social media, there’s a good chance that’s exactly what they’re looking for. Real life people giving real life reviews.


Here are two tips for posting awesome video testimonials:


Give them a script or outline to follow.

You don’t want it to sound staged, but you also don’t want it to sound awful. So give them some guidance. If you need some advice on this, feel free to DM me on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn and I’ll share some good scripts with you.


100 unedited videos are better than one professionally edited video.

Don’t get me wrong, editing your videos for social media is awesome, but don’t let that stop you from just filming a 10-second testimonial about how much that customer loves their new roof and posting it directly to Facebook! You could even do a Facebook or Instagram Live if your customer is brave enough (those get awesome reach still).


Not everyone is ready to get on video, so how can you CONTINUE to leverage your current customers if they aren’t tech savvy and/or hate being on camera?


3. Share Customer Reviews


This should be pretty self-explanatory, so here’s a template I made in Canva in about 5 minutes:



We can now use this template for each and every review we get.


You may hate the gold/yellow color, but there is a reason to use a bright color, rather than just black or white… it stands out. You should use your company colors and create a scroll-stopping style template that you can easily use to share at least one review with every week.


4. Job Photos & Videos


This should be your most “organic” form of content. Just go live on job sites. Take photos and videos of every stage of the process. Post short clips to Facebook & Instagram and make sure you have at least one person dedicated to taking before, during, and after pictures and videos of your roofing jobs.


Once again, here are some rules of thumb you should follow:

  • Save EVERY photo and video to a company google drive account.
  • Hire someone to edit videos and photos and create mashup posts.
  • Post and share as much as you can! And get your whole team to share!
  • Get creative. You don’t have to do everything by the book! Use your own imagination and share whatever feels right.

5. Educational Videos


I harped on the fact that this shouldn’t be your #1 priority at the beginning of this post, but it should still be a priority.


There are two reasons I think that educational videos are less important:

1. People are seeing less and less of your content organically.

2. The people who do look you up are usually already somewhat interested and looking to validate that you are a good business to work with on their home (testimonials, reviews, etc.).


So yes, please do make educational content for people who want to see that you know your stuff, but don’t spend the majority of your time and/or money building lengthy video content that isn’t going to move the needle for you for a very long time. You need customers NOW. 


PRO-TIP: If you really want to go above and beyond with video– document the entire process of re-roofing the home and time stamp every single phase of the project for all of their neighbors to see how thorough you are. Mix this into your testimonial video and you’ll have a POWERFUL video that you can share with potential customers at their kitchen table as well.




I hope this was helpful in shedding some light on how you can most effectively use social media. In a future blog, I will show you the exact tools you can use to edit and automate your social media content distribution.


All the best!

Ammon McKinlay

Owner, Zeal Communications


Ammon McKinlay

Ammon McKinlay

Ammon McKinlay is the founder and owner of Zeal Communications. He started his career in sales as a canvasser for a roofing company in Utah in 2015. He quickly moved into sales and sold roofs all over Utah and Arizona for 3 years. After an injury forced him off of the roofs and into a desk job, he found a passion for digital marketing that he is now sharing with the roofing community. He is also currently a marketing & sales leader at a startup roofing, solar, and insulation company in Gilbert, Arizona.

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