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Get higher rankings, better leads, and more customers with our local SEO services

Google’s best leads are rewarded to those who do it right.

local seo services

Get higher rankings, better leads, and more customers with seldom-used local SEO strategies

Google’s best leads are rewarded to those who do it right.

local seo services
transform your website

Optimize your website for speed and performance.

better seo content

Regularly post and refresh valuable content.

more clicks from google ads

Build your "digital authority" every month.

technical seo website optimization
transform your website

Optimize Your Website For Speed and Performance

Is your website built like an old junker that’s been sitting in the driveway for 5 years?

It’s no secret that there are endless possibilities with how you could build a website. The problem with building just any old website is that most websites aren’t created to be technically efficient (the first major factor of SEO) for SEO right out of the box. Small business websites are typically built by cheaper web designers who have zero knowledge of SEO. Our job is to fix that so you can get a site that loads fast and shows Google in the code that you are the best local authority for what you do.   

Key factors we emphasize:

Site Security

Not having a secure website is a huge red flag with Google and will crush your SEO rankings. We’ll help you lock that sucker down.

Site Speed

People will bounce right off of your site if it doesn’t load in 5 seconds or less. Additionally, Google will audit your site speed before they show it to anyone. If it’s slow, you’re screwed.

Mobile Friendliness

61% of Google searches are on mobile devices. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, any SEO efforts will be pointless.

Technical SEO

Meta data, title tags, alt text, schema markups, 404 error monitoring, internal linking, and a bunch of other technical terms you could give a crap less about need to be taken care of BEFORE you begin posting content and building authority. It’s like making sure your car has all of the best parts under the hood before you enter your NASCAR race.

better seo content

Regularly post and refresh valuable content

Are your web pages, blogs, and guest articles driving customers AWAY from your website?

Almost 60% of website visitors leave a website within the first 3 seconds. Why? Because their content is not compelling them to take any action. GOOGLE analyzes that content as well. So if your site content and blogs are not meeting Google SEO standards for web content, you are going to be buried in the abyss of the second page and beyond.

You can work with our team to refresh your content and make you Google’s local superstar for website content– which will lead to higher rankings, better qualified leads, and more customers.  

Here’s how we help: 

Keyword Research

In order to get the right customers, we have to make sure you’re targeting the right search terms and keywords for your services.

Web Page Text Refreshing

This is one of the most under-utilized and impactful SEO strategies out there, and virtually zero local SEO agencies will do it for you.

Blogs Written by Professional Local SEO Writers

Hiring an experienced local SEO writer is like hiring a professional NASCAR driver to race your vehicle in the Daytona 500. It’s just the “write” thing to do. (hehe)

search engine optimization
local listings and citations
more clicks from google ads

Build your "digital authority" every month.

Is your agency lying to you about local listings?

Your agency is going to hate us for telling you this. Most marketing agencies sign local businesses up for listing rental services. It’s kind of like renting a fancy car to show off to your friends, but then once you return it, it’s like you never had it in the first place. These listing rental services are decent at getting local SEO results, but they are WAY too expensive and leave you back at square one if you ever cancel. Zeal Communications doesn’t do that. Instead, we build bulk listings in the first two months and you own them forever!

Here’s how we help you build authority:

Bulk Listings

Listings are like votes for your website over your competitors. With us you get 100+ listings in the first 4-6 months and then you own them forever.

Guest Articles for Relevance, Authority, and Referral Traffic

Guest Articles are the Holy Grail of all SEO strategies. They show Google that you are a trusted advisor in your market which can be the difference maker in getting you the top first page result.

Local Maps Pack Management

This is a given if you are going to show Google you are THEE local authority for your service in your market. We’ll help you make the most of it.

Ready to be Google's favorite?

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